Sunday, 7 September 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Hill's album of Biography and Art

While browsing around the internet I came upon a mention of this book. I quickly found it at Internet Archive and what a find! 
The title says it all!!

"Hill's Album of Biography and Art : containing portraits and pen-sketches of many persons who have been and are prominent as religionists, military heroes, inventors, financiers, scientists, explorers, writers, physicians, actors, lawyers, musicians, artists, poets, sovereigns, humorists, orators and statesmen; together with chapters relating to evolution, astronomy, phrenology, household decoration and landscape gardening."
There are 2 editions, 1882 and 1887.  They contain some fabulous illustrations throughout the books. Near the end of the 1887 book, page 571, is a section titled "Importance of Early Moral Instruction". The 1882 book has a household ornamentation and landscaping section near the end.

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