Friday, 14 April 2017

High Fives - April 14, 2017

This week I am highlighting articles written recently that I found interesting about the Titanic that sank 105 years ago tomorrow. The articles speak for themselves.

~by Tristin Hopper at National Post

~by Blue Marble Private
A New Zealand paper says to not pack your bags yet, as the price tag on this adventure is $140,000 NZD and the first voyage is fully booked!

~by Ellie Cambridge at The Sun, UK
I doubt my grandmother’s beaver coat would be worth that much today.

~by WCLU Editor at Commemorating the Lebanese Aboard the Titanic

~by Sheron Boyle at Irish Central

~by Dan Bilefsky at New York Times

~by Aishwarya Ramesh at Flysauce

~by Scott Thomas at Tutor2u
A National Geographic short video and a real time video of the sinking

~by Chris at 93.5 WMWV
The cost of this elaborate dining eperience is $225 per person

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