Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Shoebox and... Shoebox ?

This morning over at her Genealogy à la carte facebook group Gail Dever mentioned about an ancestry podcast by Barefoot Genealogist Crista Cowan on using the shoebox in Ancestry.  So I toddled on over there to check it out, cuz you know... my shoebox is a mess! It was very informative and Crista has great delivery, not just dry facts. I did learn that there is no organizing the shoebox, so I will just have to plod through all the records I threw in there and check and chuck!

I always click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video to take me to the YouTube site for better viewing. There I see that Ancestry has a channel with lots of other interesting podcasts. So I looked down the side where they always have related videos and.. what the heck?  there was another podcast titled Shoebox from ancestry???  So I click to watch that video and lo and behold it's a whole other kind of Shoebox. 

Crista was talking about Shoebox - Scanner in your pocket.. a free scanner app  from Ancestry.com for apple and android that uses your camera. So you ask, why not just use your camera?  This is the cool part. Using the app you scan (take a photo) of the picture, letter, whatever, and using the built-in app tools you can crop it, tag it, date it, map it, make notes about it - then attach (tag) it to a person on your ancestry tree!!  You just have to log into the app using your ancestry account username and password. When you are done and saved the image there are share buttons so you can send the image to family and friends.

So I have downloaded the app to my iPad and I'm going to play around with it for a bit. Above is a screenshot I took of a postcard I scanned and tagged with my grandfather's name, and yep - it attached to him in my tree. I'd like to thank Gail Dever for inadvertently giving me another genealogy tool to play with!

If any of you have tried it, I would like to know your thoughts and experience with it.

It's FREE - try it!

Download the Shoebox App for apple or android

Shoebox from Ancestry - A Scanner in your Pocket Podcast by Crista Cowan

More of Crista Cowan's genealogy podcasts

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